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Smart living

As the first of its kind gated community in the region, Beitmisk combines the best principles of smart and eco-conscious designs for a better quality of life.

Our pollution-free environment and public green areas, solar energy, natural gas, and state of the art sewage treatment plant, have all earned Beitmisk international recognition. Today, by adding technology driven intelligence, we have joined other pioneering cities in exceptional smart living.

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The BeitMisk project is fitted with the latest technological advances

All units are fiber-optic ready, allowing for fast internet, high definition as well as interactive TV.

All sidewalks are wheelchair and stroller access friendly.

24/7 Facility management for all parts of the project.

Advanced fire-fighting and monitoring systems.

Being Smart means being Green

We pride ourselves in holding the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology (BREEAM) certification after being able to effectively combine the best principles of smart urban design with an eco-conscious approach to living.

As such, throughout the project, a number of technical aspects have been integrated to safeguard the nature that defines BeitMisk:

Energy-saving LED with daytime light to eliminate the use of electric lighting, yielding a 50% reduction in energy consumption.

On-site tree nursery, aiming to replace every tree displaced for architectural purposes and to increase the overall number of trees

Solar water-heating system

Thermal insulation

Internal waste segregation and management

Maintenance of greenery and public gardens in all parts of the project

Advanced water recovery and water treatment plants

Advanced sewage treatment plant

Units equipped with efficient reduced emission gas heaters

Air pollutant levels (CO, CO2, NO2 and SO2…) way below international standards

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