Green Belt

Not only do we work to preserve the environment, but we put it as the crown jewel of our village. BeitMisk highlights the concept of the Green Belt through its landscape design. Tis 800m linear park with idyllic pathways and small, defined piazzas form the backbone of BeitMisk. Its name says it all, for everything is covered with natural greenery, making it the ideal place for an energizing bike ride or relaxing jog in the morning.

BeitMisk received the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology (BREEAM) certification by effectively combining the best principles of smart urban design with an eco-conscious approach to living. This is one of the most widely-recognized indications that our village stands exemplary and eco-friendly in every way. Download BREEAM Pdf

Where other projects see nature as an obstacle, something to be pushed aside, we choose to be a part of it: Our houses grow organically with the landscape, complementing the surroundings instead of dominating them, with green specifications integrated into the construction methods and materials. 

As such, throughout the project, a number of technical aspects have been integrated to safeguard the nature that defines BeitMisk:


  • Recycling of all excavation materials into the project for backfill and foundations.
  • On-site tree nursery, aiming not only to replace every tree displaced for architectural purposes, but to also increase the overall number of trees to over 200,000.
  • All units are equipped with efficient reduced emission gas heaters.
  • All units are ready for integration of solar energy for hot-water usage.
  • High-pressure Sodium lamps or LED used throughout the project, yielding a 50% reduction in energy consumption.
  • Advanced water recovery and water treatment plants, for irrigation of both private gardens and public spaces.
  • Segregation of waste material in every household to facilitate recycling and waste management.
  • Maintenance of greenery in all parts of the project.
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