A vision is always the starting point of any major undertaking. An inspiration that sets off a chain reaction that one day, makes the dream a reality.

Of course, BeitMisk started precisely that same way. As a man entrenched in Lebanese society, I wanted to offer something that I felt the future would be void of and needed saving: the charm and magic of our traditional Lebanese village.

From that hopeful vision, we started developing BeitMisk, a village for anyone who longs for a certain quality of living that can't be found. As it slowly takes shape, it is clear that BeitMisk is turning out to be even greater than we originally imagined. The project is growing to represent the perfect balance between the beauty of nature and modern living, a place that inspires pride and a warm feeling of belonging.

Most importantly, BeitMisk is preserving our heritage and culture, safeguarding our future for the generations to come. It offers our children the opportunity to flourish in the midst of a typical village, immersed in nature, yet equipped with all the modern conveniences that technology provides. The next generation will grow up in an evolved version of what some of us were lucky to have experienced: a traditional Lebanese village that passes on to its community the true essence of this country.

It is my hope that BeitMisk will serve as an example of how a Lebanese village should be maintained, in an effort to save our genuine and original identity. Peace of mind, cleanliness, and green living will also, one day, be typically Lebanese traits, as BeitMisk proves by making these elements essential to its creative living.

For those living abroad, BeitMisk is the perfect blend of everything magical about Lebanon, with the many conveniences of the world's leading cities. Expatriates will constitute an integral part of everything this village has to offer.

With the sincere and earnest hope of becoming neighbors in the near future, I will personally aim for BeitMisk to continue exceeding your expectations and proudly represent the commitment to its residents, the country, and our rich heritage.
Georges Zard Abou Jaoude
Renaissance Group
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