The view you have today will be the one you have tomorrow. A lifetime guaranteed view.

You've often thought about it, dreamed about it. You can almost feel the mountain breeze brushing your cheek, the grass cradling you in its gentle embrace as the sun spreads its warmth across theland.
It's home, it's where you want to be. It's BeitMisk.

BeitMisk is a village inspired by the land of Lebanon, a residential community that spreads over approximately 655,000 sqm of an exceptional location of the Northern Metn region at an altitude of 600-900 meters between Atchaneh and Sakiet al-Misk.
Aspiring to be a role model for modern villages across the world, BeitMisk incorporates the beautiful landscape of its location into its very fabric of life, forming a countryside residential community with the traditional aspects of Lebanese villages, such as piazzas and stairways, in order to reproduce their pleasant atmosphere.The project will comprise villas, townhouses and apartments buildings to suits everyone's need.
All over the development, many green spaces and recreational have been designed to integrate a network of walkways, jogging tracks and bicycle paths and will constitute breathing spaces for the community.
BeitMisk is a place where the air is always fresh, where you can always turn to your view of the Mediterranean sea, yet it's a place that perfectly complements your life: Whether you want to enjoy nature, or walk to MiskTown, the vibrant community and retail center that is the heart of BeitMisk, you'll find everything you need, only a few steps from home.

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